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Use of Block Badger


Imagine in a school site defining three courses: English, Drama and ICT

Each is delivering its own curriculum content and assessing students understanding through digital artifacts. These departments in particular are delivering and developing a variety of skills around movie making.

They want to document progress, motivate and reward students through a series of badges for a range of different skills

  • Scriptwriter
  • Filmmaker
  • Director

Each badge will be available at three different levels of mastery, say, apprentice, assistant and master.

Each badge, at each mastery level, could be earned from an assessment task in any of three courses – students will often work in groups and adopt different skills in different assessment tasks.

The following diagram shows

  • the configuration of the level 2 filmmaker badge
  • nicknamed ‘Assistant Filmmaker’ – the students will see the badge referred to by this nickname – internally badger knows this is a level 2 badge – and supersedes the level 1 Filmmaker badge
  • it’s part of a collection called Media – this is useful for pulling together badges defined in different courses for display in a block [example later]
  • the badge can be claimed from three highlighted courses – it can always be claimed in the course it is defined – here we make it available in two more courses [1]


Saving the badge – and then returning via the manage badges link, I get a review of my badge


The important thing to note (and maybe ctrl-c) is the claim URL that needs to be inserted into a course.

Here’s my course with some activities that need to be completed before I issue the badge.


I can add a URL to my badge – and mark it only available pending completion of one or more activities


Finally, on the front page I can:

  • add a badger block to display a students’ badges in the Media collection [I can show multiple collections also] and
  • in this example I’ve asked for some bar graphs of number of badges already claimed


This is my [test] site front page – notice the block displays the highest level badges the student has been awarded and place holders for the next available level [if one exists].



[1] Why is it important to list courses where the badge can be claimed?

In many sites, students are often editors of moodle courses themselves – if we made the badge link work from any course – students could backward engineer and insert unprotected links to the badges they desire.

There is also a built in restriction that stops editors of courses outside those indicated from adding new badges to an existing collection – again to stop students forging their own badges into a collection.


Moodle 2.3 Block Badger Beta Version Released

I’ve released a first version of block badger – now looking for willing testers and feedback …

Note that to install you need both