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Block Badger 2.4 version

Just a quick note to point out that the Badger Block on github [master branch] is moodle 2.4 compatibleThe moodle 2.3 branch is also available …


Added git branch for Banners block for Moodle 2.4

Spent some time recently trying to get more familiar with git … I think I’ve released the slight changes required for moodle 2.4 upgrade for the banners block available at:

Banners block for moodle 2.3

As my moodle sites act as hubs for communication with our learning communities (staff, students and parents) and our front pages get roughly 5 hits per user per day, it is prime real estate for promoting events, courses and activities.
One of the ways we do this is through community contributed banners:

(Prototype on a live moodle 1.9 site)

I’ve just released to github the source for a moodle 2.3 banner block which allows banners to be uploaded by users and displayed in an animated carousel.

Note that in Moodle 2 you can configure your theme to display block regions where you like – I’ve added a block region to the top of my middle column and placed a banner block there.
The video shows a second banner block [Star Pupils] of different image dimensions

(moodle 2.3 demo – test site)


  • Uploaded banners can be hyperlinked to a user specified URL
  • Banners can be uploaded from a given date for a given number of days
  • The banner block is styled to take up minimal vertical height – a title/title strip can be added if required.
  • For each banner block instance

    • The dimensions of the upload banner can be configured – non-conforming banners are rejected
    • The display time per banner can be configured
    • Users can pause and scroll manually through the banners
    • The max number of days for a banner to be displayed can be configured
    • The block can be configured to accept posts from everyone or just block editors

We find all our best designed banners are created by students 🙂

Quickstructure release for Moodle 2.0

Taken a while, but I’ve put together a pure Moodle 2 version of the Quickstructure block.

Some added options and a slight different look but essentially the same easy to use method of creating a visually accessible course with a menu and section folding to avoid the infamous moodle scroll-of-death.

Previous jQuery replaced with YUI based code – I much prefer jQuery though 😉

Feel free to download and feedback … installation slightly complicated by need to install a popup colour picker widget to moodle forms. See supplied README for details

Download [for moodle  2]

Share Dropbox block

To get teachers to adopt moodle – they need to be shown how it can extend learning opportunities rather than create marking opportunities.

A normal moodle ‘assignment’ or drop box is a great way to manage submissions of work – but can lead to increased marking workload.

I’m a big fan of peer assessment – students, particularly weaker ones, learn a lot from looking at peers’ work and assessing it’s relative worth. Learning to comment constructively on each others work is a very important skill to develop too.

The Share Dropbox custom block extends the standard moodle assignment dropbox to allow sharing of submitted work.

The gallery display works best where submitted work is video, web pages or images – but essays can also be displayed [as links to a pdf say].

Sharing can be configured – allowing, for example, students to ‘like’ peers’ work and add comments – or just allow the teacher to display the ‘gallery’ of work as a plenary. Teachers find this much easier to manage as method of going through examples of work than getting student to bring to the front thumb drives – or send in emails – of powerpoints/websites.

Peer review of submitted work can be a very useful homework – extending learning opportunities beyond the classroom. I’ve included a training handout below with just a few ideas of how the block can be used.

Note: peer review and ratings of work can be achieved with out-of-the-box moodle forums but we’ve found take up has been greatly improved with the Share Dropbox block.

Thanks to Tim Carrell who has given me permission to open his classes draft work to the world.

Training document: ShareDropBox