Life on the edge of the moodleverse


I once spent about half an hour teaching some willing, but not-at-all IT confident, teachers how to upload a file resource – they then spent 30 minutes trying to replicate the many steps for themselves – navigating through a number of advanced [and hence for them superfluous] options and getting into numerous pickles.

One of the teachers concerned loved the idea of making years’ of worksheets and resources she’d built up more accessible to students by putting onto our moodle – but she couldn’t face what for her would have been a quite tortuous process.

This was the inspiration for a module we called QuickContent. It allows content to be put into a moodle course with a minimal amount of input, e.g.

  • just select the file for download-able resource
  • just give the URL for recommended web page
  • just give the name of a dropbox

Quickcontent is a ‘hack’ which by proxy creates an instance of the actual resource/activity required – this can be subsequently edited by more advanced users just as any activity created via the conventional route.

Without doubt, the Quickcontent customisation has been the most successful of all the modifications we have made, making moodle accessible to all teachers [regardless of confidence level] and speeding up the process of course development.

This has been important in supporting a requirement for all subjects/years to have some moodle presence to support student learning.


One response to “Quickcontent

  1. mat 04/10/2011 at 09:41

    i like the quick content idea. it brings moodle even closer to the interface of social media style systems when it comes to adding content and lowers the entry barrier for the average joe/jane teacher.

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