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Are these customisations available?

The quick answer is not yet [sorry to disappoint the many people who have asked].

I’m primarily sharing the ideas to hopefully inspire others.

The work is based on a very non-standard moodle 1.9.5 platform – it would take some time to develop a ‘pure’ moodle version. I’m not sure that time is worth spending on the ‘dying’ 1.9 moodle platform and I have two jobs that have to take first priority on my time.

However, in the next couple of months I have to start rewriting 6 years of customisations for the move to moodle 2.0 [can’t put it off any longer].

This would give me a chance to rework modules into more readily released format – so I am trying to gauge what interest there is in our work.

In short – if you like the things you see – let us know [leave a comment below] and we’ll factor that into our upgrading considerations.


3 responses to “Are these customisations available?

  1. mambobrown 13/07/2011 at 00:34

    I noticed that in one of your moodle videos you had a content (image) slider. Did you integrate this in the theme or is it a plugin? I have been looking for a content slider for Moodle.

  2. Chris Walker 22/02/2012 at 15:28

    Hi Checkers, I met you briefly as part of last week’s 21CLHK Conference tour (I’m Tim’s mate from Burnside HS in NZ). I was blown away by the customisations to your Moodle and I’m delighted to see that Quick Structure is now available for us Moodle 2 users. I’m really looking forward to introducing it to staff.

    The next step I would love to hear about is Quick Content, which obviously compliments Quick Structure nicely. Is that in the pipeline?

    Thanks for the great work and inspiring ideas.

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