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Social networking the school bulletin

In a vibrant school of 1600 students and 200 staff, communicating everything that is going on is a challenge.

We are increasingly using our VLE landing page to deliver important information – on average we get two hits per user per day on this page so it is useful real estate.

Students and staff are allowed to submit 600×120 banners for events – these roll at the top of the page [starting at a random point in the sequence on each page load]

Bulletin items are tweeted out [@kgv_bulletin] – but to really take the message to the kids those tweets are also picked up by a facebook fan page – thus bulletin items appear on the students’ Facebook walls. Cool?

Notice – we’ve been tweeting from kgv_bulletin for a 2 weeks – and routing to Facebook for two days. Already facebook has a greater following!

NB: this video is taken in the first day of the summer holiday – nice and quiet!

NB: For those interested I used the RSS Graffiti Facebook plugin to get Status updates in my fan page from our twitter feed.


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