Life on the edge of the moodleverse

What’s it all about?

My intention with this Blog is to share some of the ideas and work I’ve been doing with moodle at my school (King George V School) and within the English Schools Foundation (ESF) here in Hong Kong.

I am [or I guess I was] a teacher/Head of ICT for 17 years, first in the UK before moving to the wonderful city of Hong Kong. However, in recent years I’ve been working on development of Moodle extensions and customisations full time on a sabbatical.

I’m not the best coder in the world – my Computer Science PhD was a lot more theoretical than practical – but where I’ve been successful [IMO] is in marrying my technical skills with knowledge of [secondary] school learning and teaching needs. Hopefully some of the work I intend to display here will illustrate that point.

I consider myself to be very lucky to be working within a school where staff are largely open minded [and good humoured]; where staff feedback regularly on how our VLE can be improved and enhanced and where I can see examples, on a daily basis, of staff and students using the various enhancements I’ve created.


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